Friday, 14 September 2012

Won't give up.

What is she thnking right now? Sitting there in the hospital taking care of her sister. What would she think of right now?

I am so scare of losing her, my precious, my sweetheart, my love and my one and only. I decided not to contact her anymore because she is so stress out right now. There is lot to be think of rather than me. But her sister advised me to be patient. "she'll be fine. I knw her" thats what her sister text me this morning.

I know that she really do love me and I really do love her as well. Its just she needs more time with her family now because family matters first. I would just want her to know that I really want a future with her, a life that both of us might or will explore, together. A life that only both of us will share or maybe with our children someday.

So I'm telling this. Merlyn Lozious, you take good care of your family because I know that you are really a caring and understanding person. You just need some time to think. I love you so much sweetheart, I will always do :') I know you do love me.