Friday, 20 January 2012


Even if a thousand miles starts with a SINGLE STEP, you wont MAKE IT to the end if you don't have the WILL to do so..

Life of Mine

Have you ever THOUGHT of loosing something or someone that you love.? 
Have you ever WONDERED that someday your best friend or your girlfriend and boyfriend might leave you.? Have you ever WISHED that you can turn back time.?
Have you ever MADE the same mistakes over and over again.?

I once THOUGHT that I was perfect, but it turns out that I am more than that, everybody does.
I once WONDERED how love would be, and how it will make me feel. 
I once WISHED that this world that we are living could be a better place for everyone.
I once MADE an elephant by using clay.

But now, I never THOUGHT that I've found what I've been searching for.
I never WONDERED that she would step into my life.
I never WISHED that she would be mine and I would be her's.
But now, she's mine, and I know that I've MADE the right choice.